Benefits for Emerging farmers
  • Training and development opportunities, specifically around developing managerial skill and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Increase business linkage opportunities through Enterprise Supplier Development interventions.

Benefits for Tourism Industry/Operatorss
  • Contributing to the Responsible and Sustainable Tourism Mandate of the South African Tourism Industry.
  • Increasing the chances of providing a more diversified portfolio of tourism products and services for tourists.
  • Introducing tourist routes and increase in tourism flows into previously limited or untouched “rural destinations”.
  • Promotion and positioning of these rural destinations to key tourism markets.
  • Allowing for alternative tourist activities that could potentially fill a gap during traditionally off-peak business periods.
  • Increasing the opportunity for local economic growth through international tourist interest e.g. volunteering programmes.

Benefits for Local/Rural Communities
  • Enhances the Community Based Tourism Mandate of the country.
  • Contributes to the revitalisation of local/community facilities, amenities and service provisions for both residents and tourists.
  • Will result in additional revenue generating opportunities as the flow of tourists increase i.e. enhanced business/service opportunities for local businesses from tourists.
  • Natural contribution to the diversification and strengthening of the local economy through job and income creation as a result of increased tourist flow.
  • Will showcase and promote the on-going use of local agricultural products and services from a business linkage point of view e.g. local tourist accommodation and restaurants procure fresh produce from local farmers.
  • Helps preserve and revitalize local heritage and traditions e.g. arts and craft.
  • Simultaneously increases the ability to protect local landscapes and natural environments for tourists and residents thus contributing to Responsible Tourism.

Benefits for Corporates:
  • Training – if they invest in training, they can claim back from the skills development levy.
  • Addresses CSI mandates, e.g. gender.

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