Bergrivier Camino

A walking pilgrimage route bringing peace, unity and sustainability to the area. The route consists of approximately 300km from Franschhoek to Velddrif, following the Berg River as best as possible, with some of the route leaving the river to include communities and avoid sensitive terrain.


The route is a sacred route and has sacred spaces along it, the river being one such space. It also creates an internal sacred space within the walker - A retreat, a time away from one’s normal routine.

The route includes farm lands, neighbourhoods and communities, showcasing South African agriculture and the way of life for those involved.

As more walkers enjoy the Bergrivier Camino, so the demand for goods and services will arise. Local enterprise, both on and near the route, are encouraged to seize these opportunities and offer all Camino related goods and services to the walker.

Local enterprise includes farmers, farm workers and other local business. In this way, the Bergrivier Camino is twofold: It offers an enriching experience for the walker, and favourable circumstances (opportunities) for service providers along the route.


Additional Info

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