Application Form - Tour Operators

Tour Operators – why should you join Agritourism South Africa?

Becoming a member of the Association of Agritourism South Africa has several benefits:

The Benefits to members are:
  • Marketing of members farms, including social media marketing.
  • Website listings of all farmer members with photographs and a detailed explanation of services / products on offer. (note: we are not a booking site)
  • Written media articles by Jacqui Taylor, an International Accredited Journalist.
  • Free video footage by LensTracks. This footage can be used by members for marketing purposes. (T&C's apply)
  • Educational presentations to interest groups about Agritourism.
  • Consulting to farmer members telephonically or in writing to ensure the potential of Agritourism initiatives is realized.
  • Representation at exhibitions and consumer shows.
  • Regular communication with journalists and all media channels.
  • Educational monthly newsletter on members sent to influential leaders and tourism companies.
Benefits for Tourism Industry/Operators:
  • Contributing to the Responsible and Sustainable Tourism Mandate of the South African Tourism Industry.
  • Providing a more diversified portfolio of tourism products / services for tourists.
  • Introduction to Agritourism Routes and Family Farms
  • Providing Alternative tourist activities that could fill a gap during traditionally off-peak business periods.
  • Supporting local economic growth through Sustainable Agritourism Initiatives

Helpful information

Farm seasons differ from farm to farm depending on the type of farming in the geographical area.  We have developed the website, so the tourism industry can directly contact the farmer to find out what months are best for Agritourism bookings.  We are the only professional body in South Africa that focuses on farmers and their tourism ctivities.  We are not a booking site but believe passionately in creating a healthy rural economy in South Africa.

What should Tour Operators do?

  1. Most farmers are reluctant to accept more than 10 visitors at any one time.  This is because, on working farms, there has to control over the group, as in most cases heavy machinery is at work.  Safety of visitors, particularly children, is a concern for the farmer.
  2. Once a package has been selected and the date and time confirmed, the farmer will ask for pre-payment.
  3. On arrival, please park the cars/busses on the field area which the farmer has marked out.
  4. Upon arrival, the tour leader must go to the reception office. The farmer will then welcome you and take you to the area where the tour will be conducted.
Different types of Agritourism:
  1. Study tours for technical training and education of foreign farmers.
  2. Farm families
  3. Pre-packaged tours
  4. Agricultural education and training study tours
  5. Students on study tours and/or on-farm trainees
  6. Scenic attractions
  7. Cultural centres
  8. Country homes, barns, mills, etc.
  9. Pick-your own farms
  10. Bus tour groups
  11. School children.
  12. Senior citizens
  13. Hunters
  14. Hikers
  15. Bird-watchers
  16. Gardeners
  17. Botanists
  18. Cyclists
  19. Farm stay visitors
  20. Sunday drivers
  21. Wine-enthusiasts
  22. Photographers
  23. 4 x 4 drivers
Tour Operators and farmers
  1. Be innovative
  2. Have a Quality product
  3. Be Consist
  4. Be Unique
  5. Be Friendly
  6. Be Patient
  7. Be Flexible and adaptable – a farm environment is not perfect – there are weather and other uncontrollable factors, that the farmer cannot predict.
The Once-off joining fee is R500

Membership Fee: R3 000 per annum

Please provide a minimum of 7 images. One of the images will be used for the header the rest are for the gallery. Click here for an example. Please send large images (minimum 1200px wide, 72dpi)

Banking Details:
Agritourism Africa (Pty) Ltd
Standard Bank
Business Current Account
Account Number: 270 250 107
Branch: Business Online

Please send proof of payment to:

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