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Known as the Garden Province of South Africa, Kwazulu Natal is bordered by three South African provinces, to the south-west is the Eastern Cape, to the north-west is the Free State and Mpumalanga on the northern border. Kwazulu Natal’s international neighbours being Mozambique, Swaziland and Lesotho. The National Botanical Gardens are in the province’s capital, Pietermaritzburg, where you can appreciate the tranquillity away from the city noise. Durban harbour is one of the busiest in South Africa.

This is a province with a landscape that quickly changes from high, rugged mountains to gently rolling hills. These hills slope down to a 600km long coastline, with some superb beaches along the warm Indian Ocean, the north-eastern coastline of South Africa. It is a subtropical region of lush and well watered valleys with summer rainfall. It can be extremely hot along the coast in summer with heavy snow on the mountains in winter.

Wonderful hiking trails and breathtaking scenery in the Drakensberg Mountains attract many visitors. Most of the Kwazulu Natal Drakensberg are at an altitude of 2000m and the peaks are covered in snow during the colder months.

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