Ouplaas Guesthouse

Your hosts and owners Coert and Magdalena Coetzee have been living and working on the farm for the past 30 years.
During the ongoing drought in those years, they opened the guesthouse in 1992 as an alternative source of income. Magdalena’s love of music, people, interior decorating and good food give a distinctive character and atmosphere to Ouplaas. Coert and Magdalena are actively involved in the community and share their love of people and music.

Their four sons Hennie, Coert, Jacus and Ricus enjoyed growing up on the farm and often visit Ouplaas with their own families. When still at school, these 'farm boys' where renowned for their musical talent which they inherited from their mother.

Magdalena and Coert are known for their hospitality, and with style. You will experience farm life and the peacefulness it brings at Ouplaas.

There are 2 conference rooms accommodating 100 people theatre-style, 60 classroom-style or 15 people U-shape. Facilities can be used for workshops, seminars, exhibitions and meetings.

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        1 = Unacceptable. Did not meet expectations. Facilities and services are not acceptable. The facility or service requires major improvements to bring this resort up to standard.

        2 = Basic quality. Definitely requires additional improvements to the facilities and services before reaching an acceptable standard.

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    Farm: Ouplaas Guesthouse

    Date of visit: 7 - 8 March 2018

    Aspect Rating Notes
            Accommodation circle1 The guesthouse on this maize farm received numerous rewards and accolades during the past 10 years. It is a classy, tasteful, Victorian style sandstone house with 4 guest rooms, each with its own bathroom and toilet. Top quality linen, devices and decorations. Breakfast and dinner are exceptional.
            Safety circle1 No visual security measures other than locking outside doors are present. The only dogs on the farm are a few Anatolian shepherd dogs to protect the sheep. No incident since 1993 occurred. The owner, Coert Coetzee who lives onsite, is a retired army officer who was very involved in the area’s security.
            Leisure activities circle1 The focus at Ouplaas is on the guesthouse. The beautiful, huge dam about 200 meters from the house attracts flocks of birds and is suitable for swimming, rowing, and skiing. Mountain biking and hiking is possible on the farm. A tennis court in good condition is available for guests.
            Farm activities circle1 The surrounding arable crops, mainly maize, restrict the farm activities to specific times of the year. The Merino lambs close to the house offer feeding opportunities. Guests are welcome to join, observe, and participate where possible.
            Value for money circle1 Rooms can be shared by 2 people. The excellent rates per room make it outstanding value for money. The mouth-watering breakfast and dinner are optional at reasonable rates.

    Rated by: Johan Rothmann

  • Contact Person: Magdalena Coetzee
  • Telephone: 018-5711388
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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