Responsible Tourism


Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Agritourism. This includes:

  • Farmers
  • Tour Operators
  • Tour Guides

Annual membership fees are applicable.


  • Liaison with stakeholders including tourism and agricultural organisations.
  • Marketing, Website Listing and Social Media Communication.  This includes the opportunity to tap into free visual footage which is filmed by a professional who has joined Agritourism.
  • Championing the development of the Agritourism sector in Africa. 
  • Communication with journalists about the benefits of Agritourism to farming communities and the financial benefits to farmers. 
  • Promoting Agritourism to national and international tourists with the aim of benefitting the farmers and rural communities. 
  • Participation in Exhibitions and Trade Shows.
  • Speaking at conferences to educate delegates on Agritourism.
  • Farmer members are assisted in unlocking the potential of Agritourism initiatives, thereby contributing to revenue generating opportunities.
  • ASA provides educational monthly newsletters with tourism news/opportunities to farmer members.

The following items are made available to farmer members:

  • All media articles written by British Guild and IFAJ journalist, Jacqui Taylor, on Agritourism.
  • Agritourism T-shirts
  • Listings on Agritourism website and Social Media
  • Video production 

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