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Article written by  Sonia Mountford of Eategrity on Jacqui Taylor

Jacqui Taylor is intimately aware of the concerns and economic restraints in farming communities and amongst farmers, as she is the daughter of a retired farm manager, who lived and worked in farming areas. This is one of the primary driving forces behind her tenacious and energetic approach to improving the economic conditions of farmers and farming communities throughout Africa. She has a keen understanding that Agritourism is about creating destinations and not just focusing on the individual farms to promote sustainable tourism.

With her international marketing and media work experience (Atlanta / Cape Town Olympic Games bid), understanding and defining the travel destination and experiences offered by a farm and the formulation of marketing strategies and promotion is second nature to Jacqui.

Through her worldwide travel experience, while working with Meerlust Wines and the Orient Express Hotel Group, she has developed a wide and varied contact list of key players in the tourism and agricultural industry which is beneficial for marketing a successful Agritourism operation for both local and international (urban-based) tourists who seek an authentic farming experience in Africa.

Overcoming many challenges as a child; the loss of her brother at a young age and many eye corrective surgeries, she knows that life is not always easy and has worked hard to achieve her goals, but she also knows that self improvement and self determination is not always accessible to all.  Creation of opportunities for people who seek a better life is important to Jacqui and the promotion of responsible Agritourism in Africa is her passion.
With many farmers concerned about the effects of climate change, there is increasing interest in how to add value to their current farming operations.  Farmers ARE also interested in diversifying their risk by identifying opportunities to earn additional sources of revenue.  

AA works hard in bringing farmers and the farming experience to visitors, not only to educate visitors about farming, but also to showcase the positive change in farming communities.  AA supports these successes and acts as the link between farmer members and visitors (local and foreign).  

AA is not a booking web portal; its core focus is on farmers and farming.  We help all farmers identify possible Agritourism activities and services that farmers can offer on their farms, as well as help with building their brand by taking advantage of marketing and media activities.   Preventing rural out-migration by providing an opportunity for small and medium size farmers to improve their quality of life in Africa is a primary concern.


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