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SEPTEMBER is our Agritourism South Africa Month - this is the month where we celebrate the existence of all our farmers and what they do for us.

Earn An Income Off Your Land

The agritourism farm - just image a local vineyard offering classes on how to make wine; a berry patch where visitors can pick their own blueberries and buy homemade blueberry jam; or a milk farm where kids can learn how to milk a cow and parents can buy fresh milk and cheese, or even take a class on how to make cheese.
The possibilities are endless for farmers to earn an extra income.


Here are a few tips on what you can offer your guests during SEPTEMBER - Agritourism South Africa month:

  • Give your guests a fresh farm bread on arrival FOR FREE during the month of September
  • Take them on a drive through the farm, and show them how it is done
  • Let the kids milk some cows (and teach them that milk doesn't come from a bottle)
  • Give them something to take home after their visit, i.e.picnic basket, some fruit or a bottle of fresh farm milk
  • Give the the farm experience
  • Give a SEPTEMBER Special

Agritourism South Africa will also have a SEPTEMBER special for all new members.

Normal once-off fee, but you only pay 50% of the first year's annual fee.

Follow the link - SEPTEMBER special - and only pay half price for the first year.

COMPETITION TIME!! From now until the end of September you can also enter our photo competition - FARM NOSTALGIA - to find out more go to Farm Nostalgia


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